Advanced Skills
Training Course
Advanced Skills
Training Course
"Working with Nathan & Jenni directly as frontline leaders, I've seen them do whatever it takes to move forward, even when facing overwhelming obstacles like completely starting over in network marking. They came to dōTERRA with tenacity and determination to not just rebuild an amazing business, but to truly help others win and reach their dreams. I've seen them do that for countless leaders as they've employed strategies I've taught them combined with skills they already possessed and continue to hone. 

Anyone who learns from them is learning from a couple who have invested nearly 2 decades of their lives into this industry, have helped 1000s of people succeed, and have successfully done it - twice."
ALLYSE SEDIVY | dōTERRA Triple Diamond
Are You Ready
to take your dōTERRA Business
to the next level?
Do You Want To... 
Maximize Your Time
Make the most of every business-building minute as you skill up on the key elements of building a dōTERRA business. 
Duplicate Your Leadership
Learn to multiply yourself by increasing your skill, growing as a leader, and gaining skills to expand your influence. 
Create Residual Income
Become more profiencient, authentic, and skilled at what you love and learn the secrets to creating true residual income.
If You're READY To Skill Up & 
get more leads,
recruit rock star builders,
teach killer classes,
learn selling strategies and
create a residual income with dōTERRA...
...Then access the
Advanced Skills Training
Get  30+ Modules that Teach You...
  • ​How to Master Effective Inviting - and fill every seat at your oil classes 
  • ​How to Sell without Sounding Salesy - and navigate hard or awkward conversations
  • ​How to Recruit Rock Star Builders - and learn new recruiting techniques
  • ​How to Present Like a Pro - and take the fear out of public speaking 
  • ​How to Kill it at Closing - and sell more kits every month 
  • ​How to Create Fortune from Follow-Up - and secure more repeat volume monthly 
  • ​How to Run Powerful Strategy Calls - and create capable leaders 
  • ​How to Scale through Duplication - and build your dream organization
Accelerate Your Business Growth
Skilled Up & Grew Quickly
"The Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills training, as well as the free LAUNCH program, has fully equipped me to step into my dōTERRA business successfully and build to Diamond in a fraction of the time it normally takes. 

I love the Oates' training because it is duplicatable and easy to fit into my own "style." I appreciate that they have set an example for others to follow and push others to rise up and become the leader they were designed to be."
dōTERRA Diamond Leader
Everyone Can Win
"This business is simple, but it's definitely not always easy. Having created successful businesses before, I knew coming in to this new world of network marketing that there would be specific skills that I needed to succeed. 

With zero previous experience in this realm, having a clear program and skill training to follow and plug all my new builders into helped me build to Silver my first month and to Diamond in a year and a half. If I can do it, you can too!"
dōTERRA Diamond Leader
No Experience Needed
"While I love putting my creative spin on most things, the uncharted territory of network marketing meant I wanted a proven success plan. I did the Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills Training with massive success - I built to Diamond in 4 months and Blue Diamond in 16 months. 

My whole team does this training because it works. The Elev8  Advanced Training Program is by far the best for people who want to build a true residual income with dōTERRA" 
dōTERRA Blue Diamond Leader
Duplication is Key
“You’re in business for yourself,
but not by yourself.”
- William James
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"We Want to Help You Grow!"
"We are literally going to share with you the key strategies we applied and the exact skills we developed to hit the rank of Diamond in 30 days and Blue Diamond in only 7 months.  

Our family knows what reaching a goal, no matter how fast or slow, can do to change the trajectory of your life. Our passion is to see leaders like you grow and become all you can be in order to create the business  of your dreams, in order to resource your dreams.”
Our Secret 
The secret to the Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills Training Course is that it's PROVEN.  

Hundreds of everyday dreamers have become leaders. They found success through this program by learning and mastering the key skills necessary to build a thriving, residual income with dōTERRA.

In the Advanced Skills Course You'll Get...
30+ Custom Video Modules 
24-7 online accessible modules that coach you on the exact skills needed to create a 6-figure income with dōTERRA.  
Master Effective Inviting
Learn key strategies that make inviting and sampling effective. Fill your classes with qualified individuals who buy. 
Sell Without Sounding Salesy
Navigate sales conversations all day, any day with our "FORMing" technique and make selling authentic, effective, and fun. 
Recruit Rock Star Builders
Our insider secrets and advanced scripts to show you how to recruit top leaders without being pushy. 
Present Like a Pro
Bust through the fear of speaking or make your already good teaching great with these top speaking strategies.  
Kill it at Closing
Close more kits every single month by learning the right questions to ask to eliminate obstacles and objections.
Create Fortune in Follow-Up  
Learn best practices to secure repeat Loyalty Rewards volume. Monthly repeat orders are the key to residual income. 
Run Powerful Strategy Calls
Get exact scripts and weekly call sheets to run powerful strategy calls and create capable leaders. 
Scale Through Duplication 
We'll train you to build your dream dōTERRA business by multiplying your efforts through growing a team. 
 Plus, If You Get Started NOW...
For a Limited Time Only
You'll Get These Amazing
Personal Growth Bookshelf 
Charlie Tremendous Jones said, "You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read." We took this quote to heart years ago and have spent over a decade investing in ourselves personally and professionally.  

We want to bring this valuable compilation of resources to you and save you 1000s of hours and years of wading through books and trainings to find the perfect ones to help you grow forward. In our journey to become better leaders and skilled business owners, we have painstakingly zeroed in on the top ones that we've gleaned the greatest return from - personally, professionally, and financially. 
Positioning MP3
Positioning is one of the most important components of recruiting top leaders - whether those prospects are your friends or perfect strangers. 

This training gives you the exact steps of how to position yourself confidently, yet authentically, resulting in more recruits and greater influence. 
Closing MP3
There is nothing worse than doing all the work to sample, invite, fill a room, and teach a class, only to have no one sign up. In this audio training, you will learn the exact reasons why you may be "killing" your the wrong way. And then you'll learn the top ways great closers kill the close in the right way and make the sale.

You'll walk away from this training with more confidence and the right tools needed to close any conversation or class and make a sale.  
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Satisfaction Guaranteed
We stand behind our product. For this reason, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the results that you get. If you fully finish the Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills video modules, complete every Action Step, and have written record of assignments done, yet you have not seen significant growth in the key skills this course addresses, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. 

Please send any questions about our policy or refund request plus completed homework assignments to our customer experience team at for review. 
Every skill you aquire
doubles your odds of success.” 
- Scott Adams
Have More Questions?
Find answers to your pressing questions about the Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills Training course below. 
For anything not listed, feel free to contact our customer experience team at
We would love to assist you!
Who is Elev8 Advanced Training Program for?
The Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills Training program is for anyone who desires to build a thriving doTERRA business by learning key skills necessary in network marketing. To build a truly residual business in network marketing, there are some key skills necessary to learn along the way. Our training will help you skill up and keep you in your strength zone. Should you choose to use this training for your leaders, you can save 1000s of hours and dollars by not reinventing the wheel. If creating a scaleable business is your desire, then this training system is for you and your key leaders who desire to grow. 
What does Elev8 Training Program cost?
The program costs $397 regular price, one-time (unless recieving a discounted price through a promotional offer) for an individual to have complete, lifetime access to all the training site offers.  The program is also offered at 3 installments of $30 paid out each month, recurring 30 and 60 days from your first payment. 
What is included in the Program?
The Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills Training Program is a comprehensive skills-based training for how to successfully build a doTERRA business. It includes over 30 unique lessons walking a builder through every step of the business building process but taking a deeper dive into each component of the business. Proprietary PDF downloads that correspond to the lessons, as well as audio trainings and other resources, are part of the Elev8 Training Program. 
What kind of trainings can I expect?
Our trainings are from industry experts and start at the very beginning of a new Wellness Advocates business-building journey, walking them through how to properly set-up and prepare, all the way through how to invite, teach, recruit, enroll and support new customers and builders who join the team. You’ll find top secrets for how the Oates have recruited so many incredible leaders, placement strategy to build a 6-figure organization, specifics on how to run your coaching calls, and more. 
What if I’ve already seen a video about the topics discussed in a module?
There are numerous principles that hold true in how to build a doTERRA business. Trainings exists and are available on these principles. However, you will not find anywhere else a more mapped out approach that will guide and mentor you through every step of your business. Every video and lesson comes with action steps that can be implemented right away. 
How will the Elev8 Your Results Advanced Skills Training Program improve my leadership and business growth?
The Elev8 Training Program will improve your leadership and business growth in several ways. First off, this training system will allow you to stay in your unique strength zone by alleviating the pressure off of having to create unique trainings yourself or figure out every step of what to do in order to pass that on to your team members. Secondly, we’ve cut through the noise of all the existing content available so that you get only what you need, when you need it. We also put you on a fast track to leadership by taking you through this program. You will be leaps and bounds ahead of the average network marketer in skill and knowledge. Lastly, all entrepreneurs and successful business owners know that the key to success is having a solid system that the business runs on. This is a system that can be duplicated down the ranks into an entire organization.
How long will I have access to the training program?
Once you pay the one-time or final 3-month payment you will have unlimited lifetime access. If you choose the payment plan option and choose to cancel your membership before the final payment has processed, you will no longer have lifetime access to the program and no refunds will be given. 
Do you have a refund policy?
We stand behind our products and want you to have the best value possible. For this reason, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the results that get. Anyone who completes the Elev8 Your Results Training within 30 days, applies the techniques contained, and emails us the completed homework assignments, can get a full refund if they are not satisfied with the results that they see. If you have any questions about our refund policy, feel free to contact our customer experience team at

If you chose the 3-month payment option and cancel your account before your final payment, you will access to the training only through the end of that payment cycle. If your second or final payment does not process, we will make an attempt to contact you. If payment is not settled promptly, you will lose access to the training program. 
About Nathan & Jenni Oates
Founders of HealthyOates, Inc. & Elev8 Your Results
Franklin, TN,  just outside Nashville,  is home to us, our three children, and our 5 lbs. BichonPoo named Samson. We founded the Elev8 Oils community to equip families to take control of their health and to create a second stream or full-time income through network marketing. Jenni launched her first Network Marketing business from her college dorm room in 2000. After the unexpected loss of our son Hosea, we decided to make this a full-time pursuit so we could be with our family and create a life of purpose. 
We've been about to do some pretty cool things by owning our own business and creating residual income, like launching other businesses! In 2010, we created an online fitness program called BURSTClub - a 15-minute high-intensity fat-burning workout that keeps us fit and moving wherever our businesses take us. 

However our paths cross, and to whatever degree we journey together, our desire is to see you ignited with Hope and equipped with tools to win--in your business, family, faith, and life.
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